Meet the Team

Meet Aspen: Aspen took over the company from his brother, one of the original owners, Aris. He’s worked with 3 other companies before and is happy to continue serving the Logan area where he grew up. He has a wife and young son that he loves to go on adventures with. The family choice is canyon hikes.


Meet Kylie: Kylie is originally from Maryland, but now has lived in Utah for 13 years. She graduated from Logan High School in 2012 and played basketball all 4 years. She is a very family oriented person. She enjoys working out if it’s while I’m doing something I love which is why she  loves working for 2 Guys and a Truck. She will be attending school to become a private investigator while she continues to work for this company. She will work until the job is complete no matter how long or hard the job is!

Meet Jason: Jason has worked for 2 Guys and a Truck for about 3 months. He’s a full-time student at Utah State majoring in Psychology. He love to fish, hunt, and play most sports.

Meet Michael: He was born in Maryland and moved out to Utah when he was 5 years old. He has lived here ever since. He is 18 years old and graduated from Logan High School in May of 2020. He has been working for 2 Guys and a Truck since October of 2020 and so far he’s loving it. He plans on staying until he goes to college. He wants to go to Dixie State University in the Fall of 2021 to study Criminal Justice. He loves comedy movies and just laughter in general. He loves to play basketball and many other sports.

Meet Kevin: You’ll probably see Kevin around the U-Haul Office most days. He is a big fan of music and games, and loves spending time with his family!